BOOK is a “bible podcast for everybody” written and hosted by me, Josh Way.  In a society where the bible is so often weaponized, homogenized, or demonized,  I thought it was time for a different kind of bible podcast.  This one’s for smart, curious people who just want to learn about what the bible actually says and where it came from.  It’s for non-religious folk who want solid information without proselytizing.  It’s for churchy type people who want to connect the dots or explore things that have always confounded them.  It’s for anyone who would enjoy an intellectually honest look at this ancient and deeply misunderstood collection of books.  For a better idea of what the show is like, why not listen to the first episode?  It’s short and is a good indication of my approach to the material.

about Josh Way

Josh Way is a writer, cartoonist, programmer, teacher, and seminary student.  He has read the bible in its entirety a few times, and is currently reading the Tanakh (Jewish bible) in Hebrew.  He lives in Pearl River, NY with his beautiful wife Shereen and his beautiful baby daughter Gloria.


I invite your questions, comments, and constructive thoughts at book@joshway.com or @BOOKPodcast.  All I ask is that we keep the discussion civil and laid back.